Why You Should Read The Secret Corners of a Woman’s Heart

The Secret Corners of A Woman’s Heart 
The main book speaks to men in a way that men can understand, the heart of a woman. It will allow all men to satisfy the woman they love emotionally, physically, romantically. It is written in a easy reading format for men that allows them to see it as a joy not a task. It allows women to have a reference of what they need so that they can finally communicate it to the men they love.

Index of Secret Corners of a Woman’s Heart 
Preface -page 1-

How this book came to be

Who this book is written for

How this book is meant to be used

  • Refresh and relearn current important items
  • The lover alerts
  • As a conversation starter

Preface to the Women Who Love This Man -page 11-

Offer it as a gift of who you are

Read it to him and with him

An after love making dessert

Understand that men are visual first

Preface to Men -page 16-

God made us strong with different centers

Women’s strength and power – emotional centering

Men’s strength and power – protection of the family

  • This is a choice not a skill
  • What part does courage play?

The Love Language of Men and Women -page 23-

What Women Want -page 25-

What Women Need -page 28-

Security wrapped in a blanket of romance

Why the Effort of Romance? -page 30-

Understanding that women have different needs than men

The Elements of Her Security -page 32-

Physical security

  • Touching her regularly
  • The Kiss – the most intimate of things

Emotional security

Spiritual security

The 12 Keys to Her Heart -page 46-

1) Consistency with surprises

2) The power of our imagination

3) An unexpected gift at an unexpected time

4) Gifting in the presence of others

5) The gift of two consistent things

6) Continuing the mystery

7) Touching her emotionally – the written word

  • The love letter
  • Written dialogue as a process to connect with her
  • Written dialogue as another avenue to fix an issue

8) Say So…Speak the words that are in your head and heart

9) No Advice – the art of listening

  • Don’t solve – echo!
  • Respond to the emotional not the rational
  • How to spot the clues when you are doing a good job of listening

10) Dress her up and show her off

  • The need to be desired
  • Everyone wants to be someone’s sex object

11) The importance of a consistent date night

12) Love making outside of the bed

  • P.D.A.’s (Public Displays of Affection)
  • Pillow Talk in the street

Finding Her Passion and Encouraging It -page 84-

Finding out what makes her happy and fulfilled

Encourage her by helping her make time for the thing(s) that fulfill her

50/50 is Not a Winning Hand, 100/100 Secures the Center of Your Love -page 88-

Effort is an Expression of Love -page 91-

Ephesians Chapter 5, Verses 21-29 A Guide to Ending The Drama -page 93-

We are spiritual beings in the midst of a human experience

It is about male/female strength and energy and the replenishment of that strength and energy

The joy of attaining true femininity and masculinity and the safety within Praying together – Spiritual not religious

The Payoff for You -page 103-

Love making with all of herself – her gift

The ease of giving you your place as her man

A partner sharing your vision of love and the relationship

The end result – continued excitement and ecstasy

Stopping Arguments Before They Happen – Increasing The Peace -page 108-

Hmmmmm…you’re probably right!

Choosing happy instead of right Good-Bad-Good, the art of sharing less than positive information

The power of the male voice – monitor your tone!

How to Fight Fair and Make It Work For the Relationship -page 118-

Understanding anger

The effects of anger

The two types of arguments and how to recognize them

Situational arguments/fights (H.A.L.T.-H fights)

Structural arguments/fights Why Only Structural Issues Are Important and Need to Be Addressed -page 129-

Da Rules! -page 131-

Never fight to hurt

Time outs

No going to bed angry

Trading complaints

It’s not about winning – it’s about finding the middle!

A Word About Fidelity/Monogamy -page 138-

Why it is harder for men

Why it is non-negotiable for women

Love is an Action Word -page 142-

Knowledge is not enough

Action is required for change to take place

Acting one’s way into better thinking

Fake it ‘til you make it

Sincerity of the heart is the key

Passing Go by admitting faults

Give the one you love a pass

Perfection Lost: Lose the Idea of A Perfect Woman, Wife, or Relationship -page 155-

Good years/Bad years

Blessings and lessons in every relationship struggle

The Check Lists -page 160-

Daily check list

Monthly check list

Yearly check list Love

Letter and Dialogue Formats -page 163-

The love letter format

Dialogue format

A Word to The Unhappy -page 167-

The love of a solid union cannot change the core of who someone is

We can affect change in the habits of the ones we love but not their view of the world We cannot love someone into happiness

Resources for the Secret Corners of a Woman’s Heart -page 171-

Appendices -page 172-

Secret Corners Workbook
The workbook encourages men to ask the questions that will allow them to fulfill the most deepest needs of the women they love. It will also give  men understanding of the heart of the women they love as well as her mind. This will allow men to get the positive feedback from their woman that will allow him to be the most man that he can be for her and completing the circle of love, eroticism, and joy. The Secret Corners Workbook can be done individually but works better when men work in small groups of 2-10 guys.