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June 18,2008 "How to make an insecure woman feel secure"

Loving an insecure woman can be very frustrating. Trying to help her feel more secure is a process, a series of actions, not just a conversation or singular act. It requires understanding that her insecurity comes from past experiences that were not caused by you but affect you. Love is not enough! Consistent action on your part will help her come to believe and be secure in your love and respect. Her belief in herself and her belief that for you she is enough, requires you making this your primary focus. It requires positive action on your part as her man. Your commitment to implementing the “12 keys of her heart” on page 46 of “The Secret Corners of a Woman’s Heart” will convince her that your love for her is strong enough for you to put all your focus into loving and liberating her. She will be confused and suspicious at first. Continue to implement the 12 keys past her confusion and suspicion. When you do not stop at her early attempts to test you, she will start to exhale and relax. She will start to believe. You must remember that in all likelihood she has never been loved the way she wanted to be loved. Understand you are the first man even attempting to understand her and her needs. She will return your effort with gratitude and deep love. Oh, and by the way, the sex will get really good.

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