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How to Pick The Right Person for Happiness

For Men For Men

Men, we suggest that you take a copy of Ephesians Chapter 5 Verses 21-29 with you and ask the woman that you are interested in to read it. Discuss it with her. Watch her reactions. If she gets an attitude of refusal - beware. She will not be able to be comfortable with her role and will not be able to allow you to be comfortable with your role. There will be constant power struggles and fights. She will not be able to allow you to love her the way she, in her hearts of hearts, wants to be loved. She will not be able to give you the respect that you will need as a man and the head of the family.

What to listen for
Listen for negativity or positiveness. It is the truth of a person's soul. It will tell you if they see the world half empty or half full. Negativity steals joy. Joy from your heart and your relationship. A positive attitude will open all the doors for growth and joy. Be careful not to confuse negativity with low self esteem. Lots of women, good women, have been held as emotional hostages by bad men. They just need an Ephesians man to give them security wrapped in a blanket of romance to heal and to love.

What to look for
Look for a positive response to Ephesians. This says she is ready to give you your place as her man and allow you to love her in a way that will make for a satisfying relationship for both parties. Look for someone who enjoys life and smiles a lot. This speaks volumes about a person's outlook on life and relationships. Someone who is open to new experiences will give you your greatest excitement as a man.

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