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The Secret Corners of A Woman’s Heart, The Secret Corners Workbook, Secret Corners Publishing, and the Secret-Corners.Com web site are dedicated to enabling men to love women the way they need and want to be loved. We believe that all men want to love their women in such a way as to make them secure, romantically engaged, and erotically charged. We believe The Secret Corners of A Woman’s Heart speaks the truth of women in a way that will make sense to men. We feel that men, armed with this knowledge, will feel empowered to be emotionally, spiritually, and physically engaged in their most important relationship – the relationship with the woman they love.

We acknowledge that women and men speak from different places in their hearts. We realize that this requires both man and woman to learn the language of each other’s heart. Secret Corners of A Woman’s Heart is dedicated to teaching men the language of women, so that women will be able to learn the language of men. We see it as the man’s responsibility to take the lead in starting this process. Ephesians, Chapter 5, Verses 21-29 is core of this responsibility. It is our guide. It is our path to being honorable men that any woman would honor and cherish. Welcome to!

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